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Food Processing & Pharmaceuticals

Food processors, packagers and pharmaceuticals constantly seek for innovative ways to speed up production lines, improve efficiently, occupy less floor space, and offer more flexibility.

When surface moisture/water needs to be completely removed from: containers of formula, baked goods, conveying corn seeds, plastic cap bottles, etc., Streamtek has an innovative low-cost compressed air-operated product to help!




Product Cooling

Two (2) (Model 7540) Stainless Steel Vortex Tubes are mounted in a plastic enclosure to provide a clean, dry source of cold air to cool freshly baked cookies.

Transporting Capsules

Streamtek (Model SV114A) Air Conveyor is installed at the end of a polishing machine to convey the capsules to a perforated holding


Cooling Pharmaceutical Panels

Pharmaceutical Control Cabinets can easily become overheated in the summer time, which could shut down pharmaceutical processing lines. By removing the heat problem within the control panel with a (Model CC1230-1) Cabinet Panel Cooler, thousands of dollars can be saved by reducing the cost of down-time and maintenance.

Drying Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables that are processed throughout a washer are required to be dried. An Air Knife Deluxe System (Model AE18SDS-2) blows high-velocity air over the produce to remove the excess water. The Deluxe System includes an Air Filter and Pressure regulator.


Hopper Loading

A 2″ Threaded Stainless Steel Air Conveyor (Model SV200TS) is used to convey gum balls to the machine hopper for dyeing. Previously, the gum balls were loaded manually. Manual production made inefficient use of manpower and the installation of a complete automatic loading system was deemed unnecessary and too costly for the particular process.