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Band Sawing

(Model TC015S) Tool Cooler eliminates liquid coolant in the cutting of bar stock. The cold air stops premature dulling and prolongs blade life.

Removing Mist/Fumes/Etc.

A 1-1/4” Adjustable Air Amplifier (Model – SAM114A) removes the oily mist from machining operations. This prevented the mist from escaping into the surrounding environment! Eliminating the need for electricity, the unit’s small compact size makes it ideal to mount inside the machine and eliminates the need for electricity.





CNC Machining

The (Model CC408-1) Stainless Steel (Type 303) Cabinet Panel Cooling System protects against fluctuations in grinding operations by cooling the enclosure and allowing the electronics to be sealed against mist contamination. Thermostatic control with solenoid and valve assures you of efficient compressed air usage.

Blow Water off Trim

The (Model RB002A) 2″ Aluminum Air Wipe is used to blow excess water off extruded trim. The unique aluminum profile of the Air Wipe provided enough clearance for the trim, and enough airflow to evenly dry the trim and remove the water as it passed through the Air Wipe at high speeds.

Boosting Vacuum System

Negating the need for a more expensive and much larger system to remove the grinding dust, a 2-1/2″ Adjustable Air Amplifier (Model – SAM212A) is added to boost the vacuum system by ~325 SCFM.

Conveying Scrap Chips & Rubber

Manufacturing vinyl and rubber flooring creates many small rubber and vinyl chips during the process. A (Model SV112A-2) 1-1/2″ Non-Threaded Aluminum Air Conveyor will easily convey the light materials to the collection area 20ft horizontal and 4ft vertical away. The Air Conveyor should be mounted in such a way that the chips are instantly sucked up as they are generated.

Drilling – Chip Removal

The Streamtek Advanced Air Nozzle (Coming Soon) at a 25:1 air amplification ratio easily provides the cleaning power for a standard factory air gun! In addition, it meets OSHA requirements for noise limits and dead-end pressure.

Hot Spots Cooling

A 2-1/2″ (Model SAM212S-2) Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Amplifier w/ Deluxe Kit cools off hot spots at a refinery unit. This will repair heat insulation which has fallen away and prevent costly downtime. The compact size of the Air Amplifier was ideal for this application, as space is sometimes a concern.