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Metal & Woodworking





Remove Dust in Grinding

A 1-1/4” Adjustable Aluminum Air Amplifier (Model No. SAM114A-1) adds extra vacuum power to an existing vacuum system to improve the collection of particles from grinding. In addition, the STREAMTEK Air Amplifiers can be used to gather and remove mist, smoke, fumes, and light materials because of their ability to entrain large volumes and convey them away.

CNC Machine Panel Coolers

CNC Machine control panels can constantly overheat, especially as the ambient temperatures rise. Install a (Model No. CC1225-1) Cabinet Panel Cooler and connect the air supply into the operation of the machine, so the cooler will only operate when the machine is on.


Coolant Mist Removal

Even with the door closed, oily mists can easily escape into the surrounding environment. The Model 2” Adjustable Aluminum Air Amplifier (Model No. SAM002A-1) solves the problem, without failure of electric motors or an expensive vacuum system.

Blow-Off Car Bodies

As car bodies move down an assembly line, three (3) (Model AE48SPA) 48″ Aluminum Advanced Air Knives blow off any contaminants prior to the final paint process.


Hopper Loading

A (Model SV200TS) 2″ Stainless Steel Air Conveyor is an inexpensive, simple way to load wood/metal/plastic granules into a machine hopper. Convey metal shavings, ball bearings, nuts, bolts, screws, wood shavings/chips, etc.

Band Sawing

(Model TC015S) Tool Cooler /w Single Point Hose eliminates liquid coolant in the cutting of bar stock. The cold air stops premature dulling and prolongs blade life.


Dry/Cool Metal Bars, Rods, and Pipe

A (Model RB004S) Hi-Temp Stainless Steel Air Wipe is an ideal solution to Blow-off water, chips, trim scrap, and dust. Its unique open and shut design allows for easy placement of products. Use it on continuous length products such as: hoses, pipes, aluminum bars/rods, etc. The Hi-Temp Stainless Steel Air Wipe can withstand temperatures up to 800°F (427°C).

Drilling – Chip Removal

The Streamtek Advanced Air Nozzle (Coming Soon) at a 25:1 air amplification ratio easily provides the cleaning power for a standard factory air gun! In addition, it meets OSHA requirements for noise limits and dead-end pressure.