Flow Conversions

Convert various units of flow using the table below:

For example, if you would like to know what the equivalent of 1 cubic feet per minute (CFM) is in liters per minute (L/Min), you would find the “Cubic Feet per Min” row (brown) and then match it up with the “Liters per Min” column (yellow)

1 Cubic Feet per Min (CFM) = 28.3168 Litres per Min (L/Min)

From / To Cubic Feet per Min. Cubic Meter per Min. Gallons per Min. Litres per Min.
Cubic Feet per Min. 1 0.0283 7.4805 28.3168
Cubic Meter per Min. 35.3147 1 264.1721 1000
Gallons per Min. 0.1337 0.0038 1 3.7854
Litres per Min. 0.0353 0.001 0.2642 1