FAQs: Adjustable Air Amplifier

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to our Adjustable Air Amplifier. If you need additional help with your application and/or can’t find an answer to your question, please call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at support@stream-tek.com.

No. The Adjustable Air Amplifier only amplifies volume, not pressure. The outlet pressures are well below 1 PSIG. The Air Amplifiers takes energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce its high velocity, high volume, low pressure output airflow.

A rigid air pipe is the optimal way to mount the Air Amplifier. The rigid air pipe will easily hold up to the very large air flow created.

No. The Air Amplifier would restrict the air flow of the Vortex Tube to the point where back-pressure would limit the cooling capacity of the Vortex Tube. The cold end of the Vortex Tube should not be subjected to a backpressure in excess of 5 PSIG.

We recommend a maximum of 15′ of ducting on the exhaust side of the Air Amplifier and a maximum of 5′ of duct on the intake side of the Air Amplifier.