Produce cold air using Streamtek vortex tube

Produce Cold Air with Vortex Tube

Vortex Tube can be made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Plastic (we currently offer only Stainless Steel and Aluminum Vortex Tubes), it produce cold air and it have a very wide range of applications for industrial spot cooling on machines and assembly lines:

  • Cool Machining Operations
  • Cooling CCTV cameras
  • Cooling soldered parts
  • Cool plastic injection molds
  • Dry ink on labels and bottles
  • Dehumidify gas operations
  • Cool heat seal operations
  • Thermal test sensors and choke units
  • Cool cutter blades
  • Temperature cycle parts

How it Vortex Tube Works?

Vortex Tube creates cold and hot air by forcing compressed air trough generation chamber at extremely high speeds and that creates a cyclone or so called vortex, spinning a million revolutions per minute toward the control valve.

The remainder of the air stream is forced to spin inward to the center giving up heat through the center of the generation chamber finally exiting through the opposite end of Vortex Tube as extremely cold air. The percentage of air directed to the cold outlet of the vortex tube is called the “cold fraction”.

Vortex Tube air flow and temperature are totally controllable with control valve located in the hot exhaust end and since it doesn’t have any moving parts Vortex Tube is maintenance free. Vortex Tube installation is very easy; simply insert thermometer in the cold end and set the temperature by adjusting the valve at the hot end.

Our Vortex Tube video explains everything

Vortex Tube Benefits

Vortex Tubes have many benefits and some of them are:

  • It use only compressed air for spot cooling- no electricity or refrigerants are required
  • They are compact, lightweight, and exceptionally reliable
  • Instant cold air
  • Durable – made of stainless steel
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Interchangeable generators
  • and many other benefits.
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