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Static electricity can be found virtually anywhere, especially during material transport and within production. Static Electricity is created when an electrical charge builds up on the surface of an object. This static charge will remain on the object until its neutralized by discharge or exchanged with another object that makes contact.

Static Electricity can cause a world of problems in the following industry operations and materials: Object converting, electric assembly, printing, painting & finishing, and Plastic/Textile materials. The discharge of static electricity can be quite dangerous, especially in an industry that works with highly flammable substances. More information regarding the removal of static electricity can be found in our Ionizing Ion Bars Application section.

When it comes to removing and/or preventing a static charge, there are many different ways in which it can be done; most effectively done by using a Static Ion Bar. Static Ion bars remove static electricity from the surface of plastic, textile, glass, paper, and various other materials. They utilize power supplies ranging from from 4-8 kW and can remove both positive/negative charges by simply placing the bar where a charge is generated. It is compact in design which enables you to easily place it where needed.

Streamtek manufactures low cost Ionizing Ion Bars in many different lengths, paired with necessary accessories such as: Power Supplies, Power Cables, Digital Static Meter, etc. Contact a Streamtek Application Engineer today and inquire about our Ionizing Static Bars.

Jay Patterson
Application Engineer