Streamtek Reward Points System

Want to spend money on our products, but in same time earn rewards? Its here, and you gone like it!

Below you can find more information’s about it and how it works.

Why reward system?

AS A BIG THANK YOU for been our LOYAL CUSTOMER for so many years and buying our high quality product, we decided to award you for every purchase you made on our website. Its easy, for every spent $ in our store, you earn points which you can later spend in our store for any product that we offer.

Not only that, you can also earn points trough many other ways, as we described below:

Product Purchase Reward Points

For every product that you buy on our webstore

Referred Users Reward Points

For friends or colleges you refer to our webstore

Social Promotion Reward Points

By sharing our website, blog or webstore trough facebook, twitter, youtube, and other social media platforms

Blog Comments Reward Points

By posting quality and useful comments on our blog posts

Newsletter Signup Reward Points

By Signing up for our weekly newsletter you will stay updated about our product promotions and advices

Product Reviews Reward Points

Write reviews about our products and let us know about them. We will award you with points for them.

Coupon Codes Reward Points

Using our coupons codes for your purchase, will award you reward points too.

and much more to come…


How reward system works?

Use below tabs to find out how to collect and earn points for specific tasks on our web store

How to get reward points by buying products?

One of the most common ways, and probably most rewarding to earn reward points is to buy products on our website. Doing that is quite easy and here are the steps to follow:

  1. Find the product you need, and go to its product buy now page. On product buy now page, you will see how many reward points you will get for that specific product.
  2. The math is simply, for every $10 you earn 1 reward point. So for example if you buy our Advanced Aluminum Air Knife that cost $349.00 you will earn 34.9 reward points.
  3. Add product to cart, and go to checkout page. At checkout page, you will also clearly see how many points you will get for product you want to order
  4. Complete the payment and checkout process. After that on your profile page you will see that you earned reward points for your order.
  5. For every other product you buy in our web store, those reward points will sum up with new ones.

How to get reward points by sending users to our web store?

Our referred users service works like a affiliate system. You take a url link from one of our products and then simply create a referral link which you can use anywhere you like. If someone visits our web-store trough one of your referral links, our system will record. For every purchase someone makes trough your referral link on our webstore you will get reward points. Here is how you cna create a referal link:

  1. Visit any product you want to promote on our website. Then from your web browser address bar copy that url
    Copy Streamtek Advanced Air Knife Url from Google Chrome address bar
  2. Go to your my account page by clicking “My Account” link located at top right corner of our website.
  3. Under “Dashboard” tab, you will see “Generate Referral Link” field. Paste previously copied url into that field, and then click “Generate Referral Link” button
    Generate Referral link for Streamtek Corp Affiliate program
  4. Below “Generate Referral Link” you will see a table with all referral links you created. Under “Referral Link” column, copy the link that our system created and use it anywhere you want to promote our product
    Copy Streamtek Corp referral link

How to get reward points by sharing our website on social networks?

Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social platform, you can get reward points by sharing our website. Its quite simple, simply use share button thats available on our website and our system will automatically credit points to your account.

How to get reward points by writing comments?

We love comments thats for sure. You can easily get reward points on our website by writing quality and useful comments on our blog section. You will receive reward points only once our moderators approve your comment; comments that are not approved wont get any credit to your account.

How to get reward points by subscribing to our newsletter?

Subscribing to our newsletter can be quite useful. We send weekly and monthly news about our products, how to use them, quality video tutorials, and special deals that we have on our website. To receive 10 reward points you simply need to subscribe and confirm your email using signup form below:

How to get reward points by writing reviews?

Are you satisfied with our products and services? We glad to hear that, but you know what we appreciate the most? Reading how satisfied our customers are. Thats why we have decided to reward our clients with reward points for every review they publish about our products or services. Those reviews need to be published on your other someone else website and be verified by our staff as appropriate. Once its confirmed, we will reward you 20 points for every review. We also give extra +10 reward points if you include images of our product used in your production line or industry.

How to get reward point? Simply send us your review url on email with title “Reward points for review” and wait confirmation email by our staff within 48h.

What rewards I can expect…

All your reward points can be spent on below items and products. More of them gone be added all the time.

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