Air Wipe to Clean, Blowoff, Dry, & Cool Cable, Pipe, Hose and Extruded Shapes

Many manufacturers have a need for a tool that will clean, dry and cool their products. However, cost is often the factor that deters them from acquiring one. Also the ones available at a reasonable price may be too large for placement in the required spot. Streamtek offers Air Wipes at a fantastic price, in various sizes, that will assist you in speeding up your production process.

Air Wipes provide a uniform 360º airflow using small amounts of compressed air. Thanks to its split design, it can very easily clamp around any material surface. Here are some of many of the applications for Air Wipes:


    • – Using it as a dryer after wash
    • – Cleaning or planting
    • – Blow-off dust
    • – Drying tube, extruded profile, wire, hose, etc…
    • – Clean strips or ribbon


Streamtek manufactures two types of Air Wipes:

  • Hi-Temp Air Wipes
  • Regular Air Wipes


The main difference between these two Air Wipes is the material used in their construction. Hi-Temp Air Wipes are manufactured using stainless steel (temperatures exceeding 150°F (66°C)), and Regular Air Wipes are manufactured using aluminum (temperatures don’t exceed 150°F (66°C)). Both types of Air Wipes can be installed easily and usually require no additional cleaning or maintenance.

We offer six (6) standard IN-STOCK throat diameters: 1″ (13 mm), 2″ (25 mm), 3″ (51 mm), 4″ (76 mm), 5″ (102 mm), and 6″ (127 mm). If none of these six (6) throat diameters match your needs you can always contact us and request a custom size. Additional details can be found at

Doug Sumner
Application Engineer

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