Static Eliminators by Streamtek Corp

Streamtek Corp is happy to announce that we have started to roll out our own static eliminators. We have been working very hard over the last couple months to finally bring our own static eliminators to the table.

You may be asking yourself, how can these static control eliminators benefit me? Below are some applications in which our static neutralizing eliminators can help you increase production and save money!

  • Plastics – Static Control on Rollers: A rubber roller feeding a web of paper can cause impressions on the paper from the particulate that is being attracted to it. Solution? Static Eliminator Ion Bar.
  • Medical – Static Control for Plastic Parts Cleaning: Plastic parts can easily have high static charges have all sorts of dirt and dust cling to it, resulting in rejected parts. Solution? A Streamtek Corp Static Eliminating Ion Bar installed over a belt conveyor, direct at the plastic parts!
  • Converting – Static Control for Fiber Optics: When optical fiber strands are wound onto a spool, static charges quickly appear! This will stop the strands from laying down on the spool properly. Solution? Install a Streamtek Corp Ion Bar over top of the spool as the optical fiber winds onto the spool.Doug Sumner
    Application Engineer
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