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Regular Ion Air Knife


Static Eliminator

A static charge causes a great deal of issues, such as:

  • Product clinging to rollers, itself, frames or machine beds
  • Dust sticking to product
  • Materials curling, jamming, or tearing
  • Sheet Feeding

Streamtek’s shockless ionizers are powered by electricity and output a bulk of positive and negative ions to the surface of your charged product(s) to neutralize and restore the electrical balance.

What is a Regular Ion Air Knife?
The Streamtek Regular Ion Air Knife is designed to eliminate static electricity from sheet stock, webs, packaging, printing, and plastic surfaces where dust, jamming, tearing, or hazardous shocks could be an issue.

Why the Regular Ion Air Knife?
If noise levels and compressed air consumption is not a concern, the lower cost proves the Regular Ionizing Air Knife to be ideal. Units can be mounted end to end for longer lengths with no air gap; unlike some competitor models.

The Advanced Ion Air Knife on the other hand consumes less compressed air, operates at under 50dBA for most applications, but is higher in price.

Need help finding where your static electricity is spawning from? Streamtek’s easy one-hand Digital Static Meter quickly determines the source of the static problem. Static Control has never been easier!


Regular Ion Air Knife Specifications
The Streamtek Regular Ionizing Air Knife is available in standard lengths of 3″ (76mm), 6″ (152mm), 12″ (305mm), 18″ (457mm), 24″ (610mm), 30″ (762mm), 36″ (914mm), 42″ (1067mm), and 48″ (1219mm). Both custom and unlimited system lengths can be manufactured upon special request. A 10′ (3.04m) shielded power cable with assembled bayonet connector is connected to the included Ion Bar.

Both custom and unlimited system lengths can be manufactured upon special request. A 10′ (3.04m) shielded power cable with assembled bayonet connector is connected to the included Ion Bar.

Certification: All Streamtek Ionizing Bars and Power Supplies are UL Recognized.

A 6kV power supply is required for operation.
Model PS120V – 6000 V, 120 V, 50/60 Hz.
Model PS220V – 6000 V, 220 V, 50/60 Hz.
** Power Supplies have (2) Two outputs for two BAR operations

Power Supply Dimensions:
3.25″ (H) x 3.5″ (W) x 6.75″ (L)
83 mm (H) x 89 mm (W) x 171 mm (L)Materials of Construction:
Regular Air Knife: Aluminum
Ion BAR: Rigid PVC and aluminum body. All critical parts are fully encased!

Maximum Ambient Temperature:
140° F (60° C)

Regular Ion Air Knife comes with a pre-installed .002″ Stainless Steel Shim. A second shim can be installed if additional hard-hitting velocity is required.

Regular Ion Air Knife Performance Data *

Air Consumption*: Regular Air Knife
* Based on Amplification Ratio 40:1. The Air flow out would be 30x the below
 Air Consumption**Sound LevelDissipates 6kV***
10 PSIG (0.7 Bar)0.721670.38
20 PSIG (1.4 Bar)1.542.5680.21
40 PSIG (2.8 Bar)2.159.4780.19
60 PSIG (4.1 Bar)2.776.4830.16
80 PSIG (5.5 Bar)3.599860.16
100 PSIG (6.4 Bar)4.1116900.16
120 PSIG (8.4 Bar)4.9138.7940.15

How it Works

(A) Compressed air enters through the Ion Air Knife inlet at the rear (or end) ports, and into a plenum chamber.

(B) As the compressed air stream leaves the Regular Ion Air Knife, the surrounding air is entrained and follows the ‘coanda’ profile of the Air Knife and along the front face of the static eliminating ion bar.

(C) This 30:1 amplified airflow maximizes force and velocity and serves a laminar sheet of air for reduced energy use in the blow-off of statically charged surfaces. This can remove static at long distances from the assembly!.


Streamtek products use innovative static control technologies to improve productivity and increase equipment efficiency. If you don’t find a solution and/or idea for your application, or if you want additional details, call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at

What does the Streamtek Regular Ion Air Knife have that some competitors do not?

  • Overall length and airflow length are exactly the same
  • Unlimited system lengths with no gaps in airflow
  • No separate ground connection that could easily be cut & cause sparks or accidentally shock personnel.
  • Effective up to 20ft (6.1m)
  • Eliminates one costly area which is power supply replacement. 2 year warranty!


  • Requires just 3 SCFM (85 SLPM) of compressed air per foot of length at 5 PSIG
  • Easy to install, rugged, compact, and low maintenance
  • Force & flow easily controlled with a standard pressure regulator
  • Shockless, non-radioactive
  • Neutralizes static, blows away dirt
  • Compatible with most competitor power supplies, from 4 to 8 Kilovolts.
  • Compressed air inlets (1/4″ NPTF) on each end & on back of Advanced Ion Air Knife
  • Additional shims can be easily installed for additional hard-hitting velocity if required.


An even distribution of effective ionization for sheeting, slitting, laminating, coating, bag making, die cutting, unwinding, rewinding, paper and film, clean room, and electronic assembly operations.

Plastics: Dust and dirt contamination and flow problems are eliminated during plastic extrusion, web handling, bag wicketing, forming and molding operations.

Packaging: Tough static problems are eliminated during over wrapping, form, fill and seal, palletizing, shrink wrapping, stocking and labeling operation.

Printing: Save production time and rejects/waste in labeling, sheet-fed, wide format, collating, binding, and folding operations.

Textiles & Non-Wovens: Strategically-located Ion-Edge Bars speed production during accumulators, creels, weaving, bonding, folding, carding, slashing, warping, and winding operations.


Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to our compressed air-operated static eliminator air knife. If you need additional help with your application and/or can’t find an answer to your question, please call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at
1. Where should the Ion Bar be positioned in my application?

Your Regular Ion Air Knife should be placed shortly before the area of the process where the static field is creating problems, typically 5 to 10 inches. In some situations, multiple ionizers on a single process may be nescessary due to static regeneration that can occur.


If the application is cleaning, the Regular Ion Air Knife should be installed just before packaging or finishing operations.

2. How do you mount the Ionizing Air Knife?

Rigid compressed air supply pipe will easily support the Air Knife. In addition, there are multiple 1/4-20 mounting holes on the back of the Regular Ion Air Knife.