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The air amplifier is a simple and cost–effective solution designed for moving air, smoke, fumes, etc. This product has been used extensively in various applications which include: boosting insufficient shop air or supply air, high-pressure air cleaning of weld areas, driving pneumatic cylinders, improving efficiency of pneumatic tools and machinery, boosting air for part removal, valve gates, automation equipment for injection molding,etc. We at Streamtek – a leading manufacturer of compressed air-operated products – serve you better by providing best-in-class Air amplifier that will make all of your large air handling jobs easier and simpler. With our outstanding product quality, exceptional customer service, and safe secure business transactions, we have achieved immense popularity and widespread industry reputation.

Why Streamtek for Air Amplifier?

We cater to a wide ranges of customers who seek economical air handling solutions. By utilizing small amounts of compressed air, we produce high-volume and high-velocity flow of outlet. Our product has a wide market reach due to the following advantages:

  • No need for electric current for operation
  • No moving parts; hence little or no maintenance required
  • Easy flow, vacuum and velocity control
  • Full-fledged control of outlet flow by opening/closing the air gap
  • Emit less noise
  • Regulation of air pressure to decrease outlet flow
  • Ducting of air flow possible to draw fresh air and discharge stale smoke and fumes away
  • Reduced cycle times for cooling aluminum castings

We offer the following categories of air amplifiers for various industrial and commercial applications:

Streamtek Air Amplifier Information

Adjustable – These amplifiers are suitable for increasing airflow up to 25:1 at the outlet and are ideal for removing welding fumes, smoke, and light materials.

Hi-temp adjustable – These amplifiers can withstand up to 700°F and are made of superior quality 316 Stainless Steel; thus they are ideal for applications in harsh and critical industrial environments. These products are best suitable for moving hot air to surfaces that require uniform heating while in a furnace or oven.

Customers may choose any of these amplifiers depending on their specific needs and project requirements. We provide excellent customer support and will assist you along the way in selecting the most suitable amplifier.