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Streamtek Distributors

Interested in becoming a Distributor for Streamtek? Are you currently a distributor for one of our competitors and looking to increase your profit margin? Or are you simply looking to start out? If so, give us a call +1.705.770.4455 or click to fill out our become a Streamtek distributor form

Our compressed air-operated products have comparable performance results, available in just as many sizes/lengths/diameters, and are far more affordable.

For over 25 years now, compressed air-operated products such as Air Knives, Air Conveyors, Vortex Tubes, Panel Coolers, etc have been sold at outrageous prices. Why? The market was dominated by a select few! Streamtek is here to put a stop to this nonsense and share the wealth with everyone.

This is done by manufacturing our products in-house, keeping our overhead low, and increasing distributors profit margins. All while bringing the end consumer a more affordable compressed air-operated product!

Steve Zytariuk
Chief Executive Officer


License: Creative Commons Attribution: Image by Pixabay