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Streamtek Sustainability Plan

Streamtek is using the internet as a venue to showcase its ongoing environmental commitment to inspire everyone around the world to be more environmentally-friendly.

Streamtek will profile its environmental practices in an aggressive manner to demonstrate first-hand how companies and individuals alike can take proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Sustainability with tangible action is what Streamtek represents! It’s just another way that we back our commitment to conservation.

Here are a few of the proactive steps we’ve taken:

Minimal Waste

  • 100% of metals, woods, plastics, cardboard, paper, and cardboard is recycled
  • All employees issued BPA-free water bottles, made from health-safe materials
  • Incentives given to employees who choose to ‘ditch the car’ and take public transit to work
  • Most chairs in our Charlotte location are certified by Greenguard and guaranteed not to pollute the air we breathe

Resource Consumption

  • Recycled Kraft paper with a perfect green score is used in ~90% of shipments
  • Natural gas usage reduced by installing wireless thermostats into all our U.S. locations. This enables us to remotely control heating/cooling levels.
  • Installation of several sky lights in our California office increased natural light, therefor eliminating the need for as many electrical powered lights.
  • All incoming & outgoing faxes are processed through secured computer systems. Very few papers are printed.
  • 100% of janitorial cleaning products used within facility are eco-friendly


  • Most of our compressed air-operated products are fully recyclable
  • Every piece of packing material we use is entirely recyclable
  • Since day one our blow off products have been precision engineered to drastically reduce compressed air consumption

As you can see, what we do as a company can and will directly affect the environment and others around us. We’re doing our part and we’d like you to follow! Mention our sustainability plan and receive 10% OFF your next order as our thanks to you for taking the time out of your busy day to think about the environment. Thank you!