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Testimonials from our customers

We believe our compressed air-operated products are the best on the block! But don’t just hear it from us. Here are a few comments from some of our customers. We hope you enjoy them! To add a testimonial of your own, submit it to or visit our Google business page and let the whole world know what you think about our products and service. If you want to share you video testimonial or images of our products installed inside your production lines, we are happy to give you discount for your next order. For more information’s please contact our support team to get more details.

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I have been using the Reversible Drum Storm almost daily since receiving it several days ago. It far surpasses other more expensive industrial vacs that I have tried. The construction is very heavy duty and it sucks up my coolant sump with ease. I highly recommend this vacuum not only for the occasional user but the professional as well.

Ron, Warner Garling, GA

I have installed the Advanced Air Knife on our conventional conveyor system and its performance is unbelievable. Our jars are finally being dried off! For years we dealt with the mediocre performance from air nozzles! This is truly a great addition to our production line. It is certainly nice to buy something that performs much better than advertised. Thank You.

Jory, Gosling, TX

Dear Sirs,

The Air Wipe was delivered yesterday – my third purchase from Streamtek. It seemed like a bright idea. It worked straight out of the box, per instructions. It has performed exactly as advertised on your web page, and we continue to reap the benefits of a true 360 sheet of air for years to come.

Michael Hajek

Dear Friends,

I just unpacked our new 2-1/2 inch Air Amplifiers and I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. I’ll admit I had a few reservations about investing $800.00+ for a drying system when we already had large blowers doing just fine; not anymore. The Adjustable Air Amplifier is simply a fine product, well worth the purchase price. I’m impressed with the look, size, performance, and low sound levels. The adjustable rings are very easy to operate and I really liked the fact that it didn’t require a degree in engineering to set them up. Both of our blowers were very noisy, consumed a ridiculous amount of electricity, and took up too much space. Thanks for offering such a fine product.

Barry, Fayetteville, NC