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Streamtek has recently encountered a situation with our competition with regards to a similar customer/client situation. Although, in a business such as ours it is bound to happen as we have clientele with similar needs, we have made our apologies.

However our competitors have made mention of our low prices and have inferred that our products are of a lesser quality. We have always offered low prices and always will. For that we will make no apology. We have always stated we want to offer the best deal on the same or better product. We offer stainless steel products at prices that are usually the cost of our competitor’s aluminum products with a warranty, because we believe in the quality and the performance of the products we offer.

Our entire product line offers at the very least same and in most case better performance than the competition. Our side by side tests have proven our quality. We provide the highest quality in every aspect of the manufacturing process. From stainless steel shims to stainless steel screws, we have the whole package. Our stainless steel Cabinet Panel Coolers are priced lower than the aluminum competitor offers. We encourage you to your own side by side test.

In business, putting down your competition leads to your company being placed in a negative light while opening up the eyes of your customers to the competition you are trying to affront. We would like our customers and future customers to see for themselves why our product is just as good if not better. Contact our sales team for more information.

Gin Griffin
Customers Relations Manager