Remove batter from fish products using Streamtek Air Knife

Use Air Knife to remove excess batter from fish products

Another example of using Streamtek Corp Air Knife in food industry can be in production of fish products. Our recent customer (Christopher) have order our 18″ (457mm) Regular Aluminum Air Knife which he did install onto his fish fingers production line.

The problem he was facing with was batter; they was adding the batter mixer onto the fish and the excess of batter needs to be removed so they can produce the appearance they need. The batter was not spread around entire fish equally and their customers was not very satisfied with final products.

After Christopher ordered the Regular Aluminum Air Knife on our website he got it on his address in very short time and using the installation Manuel he install the Air Knife without any problems. The Air Knife is installed above the conveyor which convey fish fingers and with proper adjustments they made to give the correct thickness and appearance to their final products. The batter which is removed (blown-off) using StreamTek Corp Air Knife now can be collected in near tank and recycled for new use.

Beside satisfied customers Christopher also made to: reduce usage of material in production (batter mixer), improve quality of its final products and Increased productivity due to faster production.

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