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Vortex Tubes are an effective, low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs. With no moving parts, and no refrigerants, the Vortex Tube spins compressed air to separate the air into cold and hot air streams.

Think Vortex tube, Think Streamtek Corp.

Our Vortex Tube use solid brass generators as their standard generating unit for a longer life expectancy. In higher temperature environments, many competitors will charge an additional fee for this feature. The Streamtek Vortex Tube converts your compressed air supply into a cold airflow at 115°F (46°C) on one end, up to 200°F (93°C) on the other. They are typically used to cool electronic controls, cabinet enclosure chambers, gas samples, machining operations so much more.

What types of Vortex tubes do we carry?




Air consumption

BTU rating

Have accessories

Custom size available

Installation manual incl.

Vortex Tube Price

Small Vortex Tube

Stainless Steel

Up to 78


145 BTU/Hr. – 560 BTU/Hr.

Accessories Available



Starts at $148.00 USD

Medium Vortex Tube

Stainless Steel

Up to 78

10 SCFM – 40 SCFM

700 BTU/Hr. – 2800 BTU/Hr.

Accessories Available



Starts at $181.00 USD

Aluminum Vortex Tube


Up to 78

10 SCFM – 40 SCFM

700 BTU/Hr. – 2800 BTU/Hr.

Accessories Available



Starts at $144.00 USD

Did you know? Streamtek Vortex Tubes use a generator and valve made of brass and sealed with viton o-rings to allow their use in the widest range of environments. Others use plastic generators and standard Buna N O-Rings and charge extra for brass and viton!

Vortex tube kits

Streamtek Vortex Tube FAQs

4. How long has the Vortex Tube been around?

8. Can I use a Vortex Tube to cool my electrical enclosure instead of the Cabinet Panel Cooler?

Yes, however there are clear-cut advantages to using the Streamtek Cabinet Panel Cooler for this application.

  • Cabinet Panel Coolers have a pressure release valve to allow warm air from the electrical enclosure to escape the cabinet.
  • Cabinet Panel Coolers have been fine tuned to achieve maximum refrigeration; this cannot be adjusted. Vortex Tubes on the other hand can be adjusted by the user, leaving them open to poor operation and miss-adjustment.
  • Cabinet Panel Coolers have been engineered to reduce noise levels drastically from that of the sole Vortex Tube.

12. How can i tell what Cold Fraction my Vortex Tube is set to?

There two ways to find out what Cold Fraction you are currently using on your Streamtek Vortex Tube.

(1) By using the Performance Data chart found here ( You can measure the temperature of cold air exhausting and compare it to the chart. It’s important to note that the air temperature should be taken immediately out of the Vortex Tube as the airflow will quickly warm as it mixes with ambient air.

(2) An air flow meeter can also be used to measure the volume of air both coming out of the unit and going into Vortex Tube. Then use these values and compare the cold or hot flow of the unit. By comparing the cold or hot flow rate to the total will give you accurate hot or cold fraction.

Benefits of Streamtek Vortex Tube

With the finest technology and high-end practices, Streamtek Corp offers the best Vortex Tube to watch out for. Made with the highest quality raw materials and extensive engineering, the product is efficient and powerful.

  • Identifies the mode of usage immediately
  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Enhances reliability and durability of equipment
  • Saves cost
  • Achieves optimal outcome
  • Improves productivity
  • Minimizes effort
  • Delivers high return on investment

Our vortex tube which can also be called vortex cooler comes in different variants. The length, breadth, and other dimensions are altered per our customer’s requirements. To meet the specifications of various industries we cater to, Streamtek has highly-skilled and knowledgeable teams of professionals who take care of detailed requests.

Along with the vortex tube, we also give consultation services and facilitate our customers to make the right choice depending on their specific requirements. We provide full assistance and help our customers make smart choices for their business.

The Streamtek Corp Advantage

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The designs of our Vortex Tubes are made to meet all requirements in performance and functionality. Our vortex tubes models are robust, reliable and the most durable among competitors. The superiority of technology can be witnessed with well-crafted engineering of our vortex tubes.

Produce instant cold air

Adjustable temperature

Maintenance free (No moving parts)

Durable – Stainless Steel

No electricity or refrigerants

Reliable, compact and lightweight

Benefits of  Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tubes provide an inexpensive and time saving alternative to traditional cooling methods. They are implemented in assembly lines, spot cooling for machines and other industrial processes that require cooling. Their benefits are endless, as they produce a significant temperature drop using only filtered compressed air.

Streamtek Corp Vortex Tubes are built with Type 303 Stainless Steel. This material of choice gives our Vortex Tubes the following advantages:

  • This materials provides our Vortex Tubes with a modern, stain-free finish that is easy to maintain.
  • The corrosion resistance is excellent in a wide variety of corrosive media including hot petroleum products, steam combustion gases, corrosion in atmospheric and pure water environments; as well as corrosion in most acids, alkaline solutions, and chlorine bearing environments.
  • Further, this materials resist scaling and retains strength at high temperatures.
  • It is compact and lightweight for easy installation, even in tight areas.Vortex Tubes are efficient in that they produce refrigeration without moving parts, electricity or refrigerants (CFCs/HCFCs). This, along with their maintenance free appearance, makes these products an inexpensive alternative to tradition methods.These are some of the benefits of the Streamtek Corp Vortex Tubes. If you require more information about these products, or would like to learn more about their implementation in your production line, please feel free to visit our Vortex Tubes FAQs or Contact Us, where you can get more detailed information from our experienced Application Engineers.Jay Patterson